Coronavirus – re opening 8/9/20

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Coronavirus – re opening 8/9/20

2nd September 2020 Latest News 0

Dear Parents and Carers,

Branches will re-open on Tuesday 8th September.
In line with relevant guidance and after discussions with the headteachers of West Lane and St Joseph’s primary schools as well as the management committee of The Winlaton centre, we have some changes to the day-to-day running of the sessions, we have detailed those here for your information, if you have any questions regarding these, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Breakfast Club

When dropping children off, please use the designated Branches entrance, ring the bell and a member of staff will acknowledge your arrival via video link, they will then collect your child and sign them in, their temperature will be taken (remotely) and a ‘Covid-19 parental agreement’ will need to be completed with a contact number for track and trace purposes.
Whilst waiting outside we ask that social distancing is observed where possible.
The children will be served their breakfast rather than helping themselves, to avoid close contact and contamination.

After School

When children arrive into Branches, they will be asked to sanitise their hands, they will have their temperature taken again.
Staff will take the tea orders, children will be seated apart and kept in the same groups as at Breakfast club or in school, where possible.
Drinks and fruit will be served on request rather than the children helping themselves.
As at Breakfast, there will be a selection of resources and craft activities available that can be easily sanitised after play.
We will aim to encourage the children to utilise the outside areas as much as possible.

We have included our Covid-19 risk assessment and a copy of our parental agreement for your further information on how Branches with the support of the Winlaton centre, will aim to keep your children safe whilst in our setting.

For further information on the government guidance published specifically for Out of school/holiday clubs please visit:

Covid-riskassess (1).docx

Covid-19-agreement (1).docx

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